Takeaways from Producing In and Outside of the Bubble

The Bubble Life. The #MLSisBack tournament is into the Knockout Stage, both the MLB and WNBA seasons along with the PLL tournament are now underway, and NBA & NHL play is set to start in the coming days. As fans, we’re getting a bit more familiar with watching sports played in the bubble, but as producers and marketers, it presents unique challenges.

From virtual videoboards to remotely produced live shows, producers have creatively involved their audiences and leveraged cloud-based production alternatives to the fullest across each league. Their ideas and innovation are some that we can all draw inspiration from.


Fans Still Have a Voice (Even If They’re Not Physically There)
High Quality, Complex Programming can be Produced with a Simple Setup
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Social Media can Both Entertain an Audience and Tell a Powerful Story
Full show here
Full show here

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