#Storyteller: Episode 111 with Arizona Coyotes’ Marissa Mast

The Arizona Coyote’s Twitter feed often reads less like a sports franchise, and more like the voice of a friend. And that’s exactly what Marissa Mast says they are going for. “We want to be that illogical fan who you’re watching this game with too,” says Mast, Senior Director of Social Media for the NHL team. “We want to build a community where you can come to us, you can vent to us, you can ask us a question.”

Mast is using her former entertainment experience at E! to now connect with hockey diehards. A key strategy is looking at how they can expose the human side of the players that we don’t get to see under their helmets and on the ice. 

In this episode of #Storyteller, Marissa breaks down how she’s marrying the worlds of hockey and “The Bachelor” plus the art of customer service on social media.



On ‘the Bachelor report’:

We go into the locker room after every episode…to get their thoughts, hear them sound off, and they take it so seriously and have such strong opinions just like everyone else in America.  We always over index male on our social media platforms, which is normal. We’re constantly trying to fight that. But the Bachelor Report was the first thing that we noticed on Facebook it was a 70% female audience. And we were like wow, this is actually really cool and this is worth doing. Here’s how we can prove to ownership and execs that this is something that we have to continue to do…Because of that we were able to share it with our sponsors and we ended up getting White Claw to sponsor it…It’s so organic. It’s one of those really big home runs we’ve been able to have. Even the Bachelor the show has noticed it.

The best is it’s showing you a part of these players that you would never see. And money can’t buy that. There’s now way you get that in a game, you don’t even get that in a meet & greet. It’s just showing them in their natural habitat in the locker room of them conversing. You probably always wonder, ‘what are guys talking about in the locker room?’ Well our guys are talking about the Bachelor. I think that just shows what fun and pure people that they really are.



On using social media for customer service:

We really take our customer service on social media seriously so if you’re driving to the game and want to know where you can find a gluten free beer, or want to know what time doors open, we take that responsibility that it’s 2020 and people expect you to respond. We look at it as a great way to make people know they can count on us. If we can count on you for your question, we hope you’ll come to us for a score update, an injury update, and know that we’re always going to be that two-way conversation for you.


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